débutant + 8 ans

Waiting for you - Kimberose

Quite like -  Her

Bubbegum - Confidence Man

Sail boat vacation - Confidence Man

Flou - Angèle

Tout oublier - Angèle


    Adultes inter

Reason - Kimberose

Blue - Bicep

I surrender, dear - (mono mix) Aretha Frankin

Everything connect - (edit) Jon Hopkins

Catch my breath - Confidence Man

Someone in the crowd - La La Land


    Adultes initiation

Immunity - Jon Hopkins

Spirit in the dark - Aretha  Franklin

Filaou Bessame - (Cerrone remix)  Amadou et Mariam

Catch my breath - Confidence Man

Another day of sun - La La Land


    Barre au sol

Fi 3 lemi - Lost

About us - kimberose

One million miles away - (From  the illusionary movements of Geraldine et Nazu) J.Ralph

Are you sure - (remastered) Aretha Franklin

Both sides - Jeanne Added

Before  my time - (feat. Scarlett Johansson et Joshua Bell) J.Ralph



Falling hearts - Jeanne Added

Kouzen - Mélissa Laveaux

Mo Jodi - Delgres

Griot - Anthony Joseph

The phoenix feat Nathan Berger - Gui Borrato



My boat - Mélissa Laveaux

Come and be a winner - Sharon Jones

President - Delgres

Mo Jodi - Delgres

Good day - Jonathan Jeremiah